" Nelson-Mirimishi Boathouse"
20 x15 Water-Color
19x22 Water-Color
32x25 Water-Color
"B.C. Lighthouse"
32x17 Water-Color
"Beauty & the Waste"
21x18 Oil
"Andrew's Fish Wish"
23x42 Water-Color
"My Kind of Town"
24x12x2 Oil
" Surprise"
24x17 Acrylic
8x12 Water-Color
"That's our dad"
16x20 Acrylic
"The Wanderosa"
28x24 Oil

Radison Hotel Print

"Low Tide-Fundy Bay"
19x22 Water-Color
"Cornerbrook Shores"
12x12x3 Oil
"Hood Ornament"
33x29 Water-Color
" Look Out Dog!"
24x12 Oil
"Window Cats"
12x12x2 Oil
34x29 Water-Color
" Grandpa & Me"
20x30 Water-Color
"Home Sweet Home"
20x19 Water-Color
"The Battery-NFLD."
40x33 Water-Color
" Ham & Cheese to Go"
20x24 Water-Color
"Spring Newborn"
20x23 Water-Color
"Come in - Warm up!"
20x24 Water-Color
"Old Spadina Now"
21x23 Water-Color